Get Ready for Tax Season

Prepare your taxes with the help of a professional CPA

When it comes to preparing taxes, you want to be ahead of the game. Completing your taxes before the first of January will ensure that you can take advantage of certain benefits. Don’t let the task of filing the taxes for your small business overwhelm you. Turn to John E. Libby, CPA PLLC to begin planning your taxes for the next year.

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3 reasons to seek professional help with your taxes

You don’t have to tackle your taxes on your own. Here are a few reasons to let us assist you with your small business taxes:

1. Find tax credits and possible deductions you may be eligible for
2. Avoid costly mistakes that are easy to overlook
3. Let us deal with changes in tax law

You can count on John E. Libby, CPA PLLC to prepare your taxes for your small business.