Is Your Non-Profit in Good Standing?

Complete a compilation or review for your organization

If you run a non-profit, you must prove that your organization is handling your funds legally and effectively. That’s where we come in. John E. Libby, CPA PLLC offers compilation and review services to prepare financial statements and reviews to send to your donors. We’ll make sure your supporters know that your organization is always doing the right thing.

Dial 603-253-5408 to schedule a compilation or a review of your financial statements.

What does a financial review entail?

A financial review will involve an analysis of your nonprofit’s financial statements and whether your practices are conventional. The financial review may include:

1. An acknowledgement of the accuracy of the information provided to the CPA
2. An assessment of how your organization prevents and detects fraud
3. A study of fraud that may have been detected in your organization
4. An analysis of your organization’s procedures for recording financial information
5. An understanding of accounting practices used by your organization

Turn to John E. Libby, CPA PLLC to complete a compilation or review for your non-profit organization