Does Everything at Your Business Add Up?

Does Everything at Your Business Add Up?

Financial Statement Auditing services in Center Harbor, NH and the Moultonborough, NH area

Businesses need to make sure their financial statements are accurate. Many outside parties, from creditors to the general public, expect businesses to maintain financial records that are in compliance with rules and regulations. Do you need a trusted CPA to provide assurance about the accuracy of your statements? We provide in depth financial statement audits to make sure your financial records add up. Through reviewing your businesses accounts, records, and policies we ensure that all necessary information is maintained accurately.

New Hampshire companies rely on John E. Libby, CPA PLLC. We perform audits, reviews and compilations for company financial records. Along with in depth financial statement audits, we also provide distinct internal auditing services for your business.

Internal Auditing

In addition to Financial Statement Audits, John Libby CPA provides internal auditing consulting for businesses of all sizes. We can assist in the design and development of internal controls that help prevent and detect possible misstatements. We independently test your businesses internal controls to ensure they are functioning as intended and are aligned with your companies objectives. Internal auditing is broad in scope, covering governance, risk, and compliance. Already have an established internal audit department? Use our professionals to supplement your team and complete your audit plan on time and on budget. Call today and see how we may be of assistance.

Learn about the three types of assurances

Audits provide the highest level of assurance. An adviser with check a variety of documentation to make sure all elements are in accordance with standard accounting principles. Creditors, grantors, investors and other parties will appreciate the level of detailed information provided by an audit.

Reviews provide mid-level assurance for a business. These evaluations primarily concern themselves with inconsistencies. Reviews are perfect for companies that are looking for a CPA’s experienced eye, but aren’t looking to pay more for a complete audit.

Compilations provide low-level assurance for a business. No in-depth analytics are done, but useful information is still provided. With a general understanding of your business, our CPA can provide you with a surface-level evaluation.

Reach out to John E. Libby, CPA PLLC today to see what our CPA firm can do for your business.